Pipeline Overview

Transforming Outcomes for Patients with Chronic Respiratory Disease

ProterixBio is developing chronic care platforms to improve patient outcomes, starting with pulmonary diseases. As a key part of these programs, ProterixBio will provide actionable biological measurements in order to improve patient assessment and enhance treatment decisions, solving critical unmet needs.

An initial focus is early leading to late COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), a progressive disease which causes reduced air flow in the lungs, leading to significant morbidity and mortality. The ultimate goal is to reduce the frequency and severity of exacerbations, slow progression, lower morbidity and mortality, and lower the overall cost of the disease.

ProterixBio is working with world renown advisors to ensure the development of clinically useful tests which have a clear and compelling effect on patient outcomes when combined with disease modifying treatments and/or care.

Our first product is a data algorithm anchored by a novel combination of blood-based biomarkers for identifying COPD populations at higher risk for severe exacerbations. ProterixBio’s approach is create algorithms using advanced data science tools to combine clinical parameters with detailed knowledge of the underlying disease pathways and co-morbidities. Our algorithms include proprietary blood-based biomarkers that provide a measure of an individual’s disease activity. ProterixBio has analyzed over 1,000 COPD patient samples in the development of our algorithms. High quality cohorts including detailed medical history, clinical characterization and future outcomes spanning multiple years were accessed. The information generated from such a test has multiple potential applications, ranging from risk stratification and patient monitoring in chronic disease management programs to biomarker-based enrichment in biopharma clinical trials.


Enhancing Treatment Decisions To Improve Outcomes


Bioclinical Data and Analytics

Novel High-Value Tests

Novel High-Value Tests

Patient Monitoring & Engagement

Patient Monitoring & Engagement

Enhanced Decisions

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