Assay Services

Expertise in Biomarker Assays and
Diagnostic Panel Development

ProterixBio is currently focused on developing and validating a pipeline of biomarker assays that will be part of a new pulmonary disease management platform. In addition to working with partners in this particular space, we are leveraging our in-house expertise to partner more broadly on assay services for other disease areas and applications.

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Assay Development and Validation

  • Custom immunoassay method development that spans reagent selection through analytical validation and sample testing, multiple technology platforms available
  • Antibody pair screening and rapid assay prototyping
  • Challenging specimen matrices (plasma, sputum, urine, tissue extract)
  • Analytical validation covering the bioanalytical to clinical study space
  • Screening or quantification of research and clinical specimens against a panel of biomarker assays
Assay Development and Validation

Biomarker Assays and Panels

Extensive expertise working with a variety of biomarkers across a broad range of applications, examples include:

  • Biomarker assays for the major pathway nodes in chronic inflammatory pulmonary disease, including markers for inflammation, neutrophils, fibrosis and platelet components
  • Biomarkers of general immune response and inflammation, such as pro-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines, their complexes and markers of innate and acquired immune responses
  • Oncology biomarkers and their measurements in heme-contaminated samples, such as pharmacodynamic and kinase signaling pathway markers
  • Quantification of health/wellness biomarkers in urine, such as measurement of human growth hormone
Biomarker Assays and Panels

Bioanalytical Assays

  • Successfully developed multiple assays for PK/PD and circulating antibody applications for multiple major pharmaceutical companies
  • Rapid PK/PD biomarker development to quantify the concentration of biologics in plasma, including polymer-modified biologics and anti-PEG antibodies
  • Detecting circulating antibodies to assess pathogen/vaccine response in patients
Bioanalytical Assays

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