Partnering Overview

Product Development and Clinical Studies
for Chronic Respiratory Diseases

ProterixBio is an emerging leader for chronic respiratory disease solutions that combine biological and clinical data to improve clinical care and accelerate therapeutics development. We are partnering with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic institutions to develop products that can provide improved outcomes for chronic diseases. Our comprehensive approach can also be used to enhance clinical studies related to therapeutics development, providing tools to provide better stratify patients.

We have assembled a strong team of experts and key opinion leaders in the field of pulmonary disease. We are collaborating with leading institutions to execute properly powered clinical studies gathering biospecimens and clinical data. Building on our expertise in protein biomarkers, we have built a strong assay development team that can quickly develop and validate assays. Additionally, our laboratories are capable of supporting studies under multiple quality system levels, including GLP. Advanced algorithms are being used to derive actionable information that can enable the improved management of patients.

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