Our Platform

We provide an efficient and customized clinical protein biomarker assay development engine to our partners from our high-complexity CLIA laboratory (licensed in all 50 States)

Obtain objective, dynamic and quantitative measures of disease biology

ProterixBio operates a high-complexity, CLIA-certified clinical testing laboratory (licensed in all 50 States). We have expertise in the development and validation of quantitative clinical immunoassays for inflammation, immune response and a variety of other disease pathways. ProterixBio is differentiated from most CLIA laboratories by our extensive experience adapting commercially available immunoassay reagent-systems for fit-for-purpose and clinical grade performance in target populations. As such, we offer tiger team flexibility – we excel in enabling efficient clinical grade biomarker testing across sample types and protein detection platforms. Learn more about the assays and instrumentation platforms with which we are best-positioned to assist you, although we are flexible and our expert immunoassay team is constantly evaluating new platforms to incorporate into our laboratory.

ProterixBio can also be helpful in situations where longitudinal sampling is required in heterogeneous or comorbid patient populations ProterixBio has extensive experience with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic diseases. We also have expertise in the integration of remote sample collection methods with clinical testing, covering a variety of devices and sample types.

Learn more about our work in COPD and other chronic diseases, in which we combine multiple biomarkers in an algorithm to yield a score that associates with clinical outcomes of interest. ProterixBio analyzed over 1,000 COPD patient samples, accessing high quality cohorts including detailed medical history, clinical characterization and future outcomes spanning multiple years.

We have also developed a Provider Portal and Testing Operations Software to meet your ordering, accessioning and reporting needs. We have built a cloud-based HIPAA compliant database solution that includes an API interface as well as an HL-7 engine for communicating with partners. Please contact us to discuss your Software needs.

If you are interested in a CLIA testing partner or a clinical test development partner or need to establish an assay for a clinical trial, possibly including remote blood collection, please contact us.


Our Capabilities

  • Ordering, Accessioning and Reporting System: HIPAA compliant database solution that includes an API interface as well as an HL-7 engine for communicating with partners.
  • Assay development & validation of qualitative/quantitative clinical assays, with ability to rapidly and flexibly incorporate new measurement technologies.
  • Dried Blood Spot and plasma/serum separation device expertise, with potential in-home sampling applications.
  • Algorithm-building to generate multi-marker tests associated with clinical outcomes of interest.
  • Execution of clinical research studies to provide validations, including collaborations with leading academic medical centers and validation of assays in large, carefully curated cohorts.
  • High-complexity CLIA laboratory testing, with integrated end-to-end capabilities from sample accessioning to controlled results reporting.
  • Initial focus on protein biomarkers, including antibodies, though please contact us if you are interested in other biomarker classes



Assay Development and Validation, Pharma Clinical Trials (including virtual models), Clinical Test Development, including remote sample collection methods, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (including detection and quantification of anti-drug antibodies), Remote Immunoassays.


Therapeutic Areas

Inflammation, immune response and other disease pathways.



Learn about our ability to support decentralized clinical trials

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