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ProterixBio solutions: overview

Flexible and efficient clinical grade biomarker testing – for research or clinical applications

Our clinical laboratory has extensive experience adapting a variety of commercially available immuno / protein assay reagent-systems for clinical grade or fit-for-purpose performance in target populations. We are technology-agnostic, deploying the right tool for the project at hand, and our work to date spans a wide range of therapeutic areas – including infectious disease, respiratory disease, neurodegenerative disease and cardiovascular disease.

Our key customer segments include hospitals / medical centers, pharma / biotech, and companies providing or seeking to develop advanced diagnostic testing solutions. Selected examples of ongoing, executed or planned end-to-end research or clinical solutions include:

  • Development, validation and delivery of protein biomarker testing – on established and emerging technology platforms
  • Validation of end-to-end assay performance under CLIA
  • Implementation of time-sensitive clinical testing
  • Evaluation of devices and pre-analytical protocols to determine feasibility of a patient-centric clinical test
  • Screening of reagents for identified targets to determine applicable assay performance
  • Specificity testing, assay development and optimization in preparation for resting of human specimen collections
  • HIPAA-compliant software solution for ordering, accessioning and results reporting

If you are interested in a CLIA testing partner or need an end-to-end immuno / protein assay solution for research or clinical purposes, please contact us to learn more about our custom immunoassay services.

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