Our platforms

Our Platforms

We excel in enabling efficient high-quality biomarker testing across technology platforms

Our clinical laboratory has extensive experience adapting a variety of commercially available immunoassay reagent-systems for clinical grade or fit-for-purpose performance in target populations. We are technology-agnostic, deploying the right tool for the project at hand. In addition to developing assays for serum and plasma, ProterixBio has developed assays using dried blood spot specimens, saliva and nasal swabs, and has acquired experience/expertise with micro-sampling devices.

Most of our development work to date has been based on commercially available ELISA kits , and we have also developed a selection of in-house ELISA tests (sample listed below) across multiple protein biomarkers. We can also bring on content for the Protein Simple ELLA™ system (Bio-Techne), and have extensive experience with Quanterix Simoa® (e.g. neurofilament light chain (NfL) in serum/plasma/CSF). In addition, our team has expertise with MSD, Immuno-PCR methods, and  Luminex panels, among other platforms. We are able to leverage wide menus of commercially available immunoassay reagent-systems across these platforms, and can potentially work with the manufacturer(s) to develop assays if needed.

In addition, we are currently evaluating a number of clinical and emerging platforms with a view to bringing these online in the near-term.

If you need protein biomarker work at research, clinical grade or fit-for-purpose performance, please contact us.

In house developed ELISA biomarkers:

All assays below have been developed and performed in EDTA plasma, unless otherwise stated. Please contact us to discuss our full menu of biomarkers.

Adiponectin GDF-15* NGAL (LCN2) sRAGE
A2M IgA NT-proANP Timp-1
Cathepsin S IgE PARC YKL40
CRP IgG total Pentaxin 3 MBL
Cystatin C Leptin P-selectin PF4
D-Dimer HNL Rantes Serpin-A1 (A1AT)
Eotaxin 1 MCP-1 Resistin CC16 (uteroglobin)
Fibronectin MMP-9 SAA1

* Verified in EDTA/Li Hep Plasma and serum

If you are interested in a CLIA testing partner or need to establish and run immuno / protein assays for research or clinical purposes, please contact us to learn more about our custom immuno / protein biomarker testing services.

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