November is COPD Awareness Month

ProterixBio is transforming chronic disease management through novel bioclinical analytics and digital health technologies.

Our first area of focus is COPD. Join us this November to spread awareness about this chronic disease.

COPD Awareness Info 2017

Imagine breathing through a straw – that’s what it feels like to live with COPD.

Every four minutes, someone dies of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 30 million Americans live with the disease, and nearly 15 million of those suffering don’t even know they have it.  November is COPD Awareness Month and we are doing our part by supporting the COPD Foundation.

How will you tell your friends, family, and community about the third leading cause of death in the U.S.?  Orange is the official color of COPD awareness. Take part in COPD Foundation activities and learn more at

  • Take the #GoOrange challenge by uploading a photo of you, your family/friends/pets wearing orange to;
  • Ask your social network to vote for your picture by sharing the link and #GoOrange hashtag
  • Join the Patient-Powered Research Network, a new and easy way to help guide future COPD research:;
  • Create a profile on the NEW COPD360social: the best way to connect with new friends who understand COPD!


Thank you for doing your part to raise awareness of COPD. Your support could change a life.