Specimen types / patient-centric sampling

Specimen types and patient-centric sampling

We have expertise across specimen types and micro-sample collection devices

We have experience with the following specimen types:

  • Whole blood, plasma, serum
  • CSF
  • Urine
  • Dried blood spot, and more generally micro-samples yielding both liquid phase and dried samples
  • Others, depending on suitability

Assay development services for patient-centric sample types

The use of patient-centric sample types has the potential to increase the accessibility of biomarker collection, and to enable the capture of informative, longitudinal data that would not otherwise be readily feasible in a traditional setting.

Nevertheless, it remains a challenge to obtain high yield, quality controlled and mechanistically informative blood-based biomarker outputs without conducting phlebotomy / venous blood draws.

ProterixBio seeks to address this challenge by evaluating, developing and validating biomarker tests using patient-centric specimen types and micro-sample collection devices. We are then able to implement the solution – if required – from our high-complexity CLIA laboratory (licensed in all 50 States), overseeing the end-to-end process from collection kit logistics through to data delivery. We are also well-positioned to conduct early feasibility evaluations if you are exploring the potential development of a patient-centric test based on micro-samples, including dried blood spots collected using finger sticks or other emerging micro-sample collection devices.


Improve patient engagement and capture
analytical quality biomarker information at-home


If you are interested in a CLIA testing partner or need a micro-sampling/patient-centric testing solution for research or clinical purposes, please contact us to learn more about our custom immuno / protein biomarker testing services.

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