AMMP Assay Technology

ProterixBio (formerly BioScale, Inc.) is the developer of the AMMP technology – a non-optical, homogeneous assay platform that enhances the sensitivity and specificity of traditional reagents. This platform has been validated by the scientific community through its adoption by leading pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.

Acoustic Membrane MicroParticle (AMMP) technology is the novel integration of biological capture strategies, magnetic microparticles, and acoustic Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors, creating a highly-sensitive, non-photometric technique ideal for measuring biomolecular interactions in complex samples.


Advantage AMMP

AMMP provides a controlled homogenous assay approach with accurate results, no photometric limitations, simple operation, and fast development.

Advantage ViBE Platform

AMMP has verified strongly against traditional assay technologies, yet can generate more sensitive and specific signal using less reagents and sample. Other assay techniques wash away some of the important biological interactions during traditional wash and separation steps.

Advantage Partner

We have built a body of expert knowledge working with many leaders across a broad set of application areas. For details on the assay performance see our publications list.

How It Works

How it Works - 1

Assays are performed by incubating magnetic particles and detection reagents with the samples in well plates.

How it Works - 2

Two assay formats, sandwich and competition, are shown here as single microparticles associating with sensor surfaces. AMMP utilizes reagents efficiently, requiring <10% of the antibody compared to ELISA. The anti-hapten specific surface bound to the MEMS sensors allows for assaying one or multiple analytes in the same experiment.

How it Works - 3

Using a magnetic field, microparticles are specifically arrested on acoustic MEMS sensors from the flowing sample mixture. Signals are recorded in real time and subsequently processed with respect to references to yield quantitative results.

Key aspects of the assay process — capture strategy, format, flow rate, reagent formulation, incubation time, etc. — are easily customizable to meet the analytical needs of an assay.

How it Works - 4

The AMMP Technology has been commercialized as the ViBE Workstation and associated consumables and kits. Customers can construct their own assays using available kits and protocols. The VIBE offers hands-free operation with software compliant with 21 CFR part 11 design requirements.

AMMP Animation

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