Immunoassay Experts

We offer expert-level immunoassay development, validation and data reporting services in our CLIA-licensed lab.


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Flexible and Efficient Services

We develop, validate and run assays across therapeutic areas, technology platforms and sample types (including micro-samples)


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Conveniently capture analytical
quality biomarker information.

ProterixBio offers a range of services to support the development and validation of fit-for-purpose protein biomarker assays, as well as implementing immunoassay campaigns to generate data for leading institutions across Research, Industrial and Clinical settings.

Our Boston area CLIA lab (licensed in all 50 States) houses a highly experienced assay development team that can assist with everything from the optimization of extraction procedures to the validation of analytical methods and delivery of clinical-grade information under CLIA. Our team is flexible and efficient, and excels at adapting commercially available immunoassay reagent-systems to fit-for-purpose performance in target populations. We have experience across a wide range of therapeutic areas, technology platforms, and sample types.

We have the expertise to develop and evaluate biomarker assays using patient-centric sample types such as finger stick dried blood spots and more novel approaches. Please contact us to discuss your project.

We also have extensive experience in the development of bioclinical tools to assess disease status in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic diseases. Learn more about our work.

We have also developed a Provider Portal and Testing Operations Software to meet your ordering, accessioning and reporting needs. We have built a cloud-based HIPAA compliant database solution that includes an API interface as well as an HL-7 engine for communicating with partners. Please contact us to discuss your Software needs.

Immunoassay development services

Immunoassay Experts

We help develop, validate and implement tests that enable Research, Industrial or Clinical institutions to obtain high-quality protein biomarker data across therapeutic areas, technology platforms and sample types.

Company Overview
Patient-centric sample types


The use of patient-centric sample types has the potential to increase the accessibility of biomarker collection, and enable the capture of informative, longitudinal data that would not otherwise be feasible. We help develop and evaluate tests using a range of traditional and novel patient-centric sample collection methods.

COPD Risk Stratification Algorithm

Respiratory Disease Management Pipeline

ProterixBio has developed a novel combination of blood-based biomarkers for identifying COPD populations at higher risk for severe exacerbation, collaborating with leading academic medical centers and validating our assay in large, carefully curated cohorts.

Our Pipeline
Quantitative soluble ST2 Testing

Cardiovascular Disease Management

As a CLIA laboratory, we perform the Critical Diagnostics Presage® ST2 Assay, which is indicated to be used in conjunction with clinical evaluation as an aid in assessing the prognosis of patients diagnosed with chronic heart failure.

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